Some Answers to What's Wrong

Originally referred to as "Data Flow Diagrams," these sketches are also useful in mapping the movement of people, materials, energy or information of any kind.

The Arrow labels show things in motion.
The Rectangles ahow things at-rest (storage).
The Round Rectangles show activities.

So, for example, the Waste goes into the Garbage-Can. People come to "Put On Thanksgiving Dinner." And they go away (hopefully) as "Happy-People."

What's Wrong? Groceries come from somewhere, but the where has no name. Something(s) go into the Refrigerator, but we don't know what. So this map needs some improvement.

So the second map is more detailed, somewhat more correct, but it, too has flaws.

Corrections: Something comes from Safeway, but the map doesn't say what. From the previous map we know that what comes is "Groceries."

Turkey properly goes from Safeway into the Refrigerator (Later, into the oven. It is part of "Fixins" to "Prepare Dinner.")

Hmm. The Guests are part of the activity, "Prepare Dinner." Huh? I would think that is for the "Hosts". Where are they, anyway?

People "Eat" the Trimmings, but there is no sign that they get any Turkey.

Hmm. The Guests are part of the "Clean Up" activity. Well, maybe in
some households. Depends on your traditions, I guess.

Some Leftovers go into the Refrigerator. Ha. But some Leftovers go into the Garbage Can? Well, maybe in some households...