Back Up Your Backup

Excerpt from the San Jose Mercury News
Monday, September 15, 1997.
(Emphasis added).

"NCA Computer Products, a nine-year-old Sunnyvale company, hastily closed the doors of its six stores late last week and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


"Many customers were left hanging by the unannounced closing. Dick Francis dropped off his computer for repairs at the NCA store in Fremont last week. When he went to get his machine back on Saturday, the doors were locked.

"For Francis, whose small Comtrain company sells training materials, the delay in recovering his property could be expensive. "All our records, our contacts were on that computer," he said. 'We're out of business until we get it back.'

"Francis said he doesn't even have backups of all that critical information.

" 'The reason I had to take it in is the backup system failed,' he said."

End Excerpt.

Selected Phrases For Discussion:

  • We're out of business
  • Doesn't even have backups
  • The backup system failed