Incoming eMail: Data loss

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Subject: Data loss
From: XXX
To: Staff

At or about 4pm on Monday, I took the database server offline to upgrade the machine. This was the last in a series of performance enhancing upgrades (memory, cpu speed, etc) made before the large mailing hit.

During the upgrade process, there was (in layman's terms) a catastrophic data event (technical details available upon request). The data event was directly connected to the upgrade, and in no way was caused by site usage. It did, however, destroy our baseline for incremental (hourly) backups

The most recent non-incremental backup available was the one which occurred Friday night / Saturday morning at 2am.


My immediate concern is loss of data entered into the system between Saturday morning and Monday afternoon. This data (candidate and client) will have to be re-entered.

Editor's note: That was Labor Day Weekend, and approximately 150 new candidates lost their resumes.

Selected Phrases For Discussion:
  • Catastrophic data loss
  • Performance enhancing upgrades
  • Destroy our baseline