Project Problem/Need Solution/Task Comment Technology
Voice Phone Activated Reservations Connect Voice-Phone Server Requests to Operations Database Build specified HTTP and Middleware Interface to Database Custom Voice Resin JSP by Indigo Egg; Voice served by BeVocal Apache, Macintosh OS X Unix, Resin, Java Server Pages
Electric Vehicle Rentals Adapt Database tables, functions, and Web Site to special needs of Electric Vehicle Rental Translate Electric Vehicle requirements into Business Rules, and implement in Database, Middleware, and Web Site Charging Time, Grace Periods, Pricing, Usage Research Data Macintosh, Relational Database
Electronics Interface Receive and send data to/from custom electronics in rental vehicles. Capture Vehicle Usage Logs Design and Build remote data communication and loading interface tools between custom vehicle electronics and Operations Database OptoData built the Custom Electronics for Vehicle Activity logging (Time, Miles, Activity) Unix Shell Tools, Modem Communications Tools
Billing System & Procedures Reconcile Vehicle Reservations with Vehicle Logs and Member Usage for Billing Develop Database Forms and Reconciliation Procedures for Invoicing Semi-automatic Macintosh, Helix Relational Database; Unix tools
Insurance Claims Tracking Database Implement Dental Insurance Claim Review Tracking System Design & Build Database Tables, Forms, Lists, Reports, Invoicing Rapid Turnaround as Client Needs Evolved Macintosh, Helix Relational Database
Practitioner Database Query, Receive, Format, Print Selected Practitioner Reports data Build NPDB Query & Response tools. Build response extraction, formatting, database loading software. Part of larger Credentialing System National Practitioner Database (NPDB); Java, Unix, Informix
Enhanced Claim Review Special data analysis for Dental Insurance claims review Develop algorithms, database tables, 4GL & C-programs for custom data analysis tools. Targeted Utilization Review Unix, Informix
Electronic Handling of X-Rays Receive, track, display scanned X-rays Integrate off-the-shelf tools for receipt, storage, display & printing of dental X-Rays   Unix, Macintosh
Automate Resume Disks Loading Batch Handling of Resumes on Disk Develop script tools for automatic stripping & database loading. PC/Windows & Mac disks Sun, Macintosh, Windows, Informix, C-language
Resume Entry Web Site Extract & Load Web-entered resumes into Informix & BRS for searching Build formatting & loading tools for loading structured & free-form text into search databases Hybrid of fixed-field & full-text searching Sun Unix, Netscape, Informix Database, BRS Text-search engine
Project Problem/Need Solution/Task Comment Technology