Project Problem/Need Solution/Task Comment Technology
Systems & Database Administration Maintain systems in operation Monitor & manage systems & network activity, backups, security, email On-Site and Remote Support Sun Unix, Informix, Macintosh OS, Sendmail, pop3 tools
System Hosting and Administration Host Database & Web Sites. Keep Operations Database and Web Sites Operational Operate & Monitor Performance, Network, Security, Backups, System Improvements Mini-ISP & Prepare for Transfer to Hosting Service Macintosh OS X Unix, Qilan Middleware, Apache Web Server, sendmail; DNS/BIND, Log & Network Monitoring Tools
Security & Firewall Secured Network & Systems Establish Security Policies, System, Firewall software. Configure router, network, systems & firewall. Review system services & vunerabilities.   Solaris 2.8 Unix, SunScreen, ssh, sftp. CyberGauge, EtherPeek
Solaris Upgrades Systems have older versions of OS Plan & implement upgrades to Solaris 2.8. Prepare applications for upgrade impacts, version upgrades. Minimize Impact on Existing Applications & Operations Solaris 2.5 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 Unix
Remote Support Macintosh Database Install, Train Users and Support Operations Technical Support, Database Upgrades & Data Administration New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, San Jose Macintosh, Relational Database & Timbuktu Remote
Maintain Informix Custom 4GL Support 4GL Custom Analysis Tools ("Profiler") Provide Programming Fixes, Feature Enhancements, Porting as Needed Proprietary Tools for Utilization Review Informix Relational Database & 4GL
Email & DNS Support Install & support email access, & Domain Name Service Configure & maintain sendmail, DNS, pop3 tools. Monitor volumes, usage, security. Mini-ISP Unix, Sendmail, pop3, BIND, DNS, Mac OS X, Windows