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Proven leader in applications development and information systems with over 20 years of experience. Designs innovative enterprise technology solutions that answer the business needs of multiple industries. Able to analyze complex business requirements and processes. Devises comprehensive systems that improve data management, usability, and efficiency. Adept at supporting and educating stakeholders and end users by translating difficult technical systems information into comprehensible concepts and options.



Database Design & Development - IT Governance - Systems Administration - Systems Architecture

End User Training & Education - Project Management - Data Systems Modeling - Needs Assessment

Enterprise Technologies - Stakeholder Negotiations - Web Development - Process Improvements

Applications Development - Technology Implementations - Data Set Analysis





INDEPENDENT CONSULTANCY, Various Locations - 1983-Present

Provider of IT and business services spanning a wide range of systems, planning, and project management needs for clients in diverse industries.


Information Technology Consultant

Deliver comprehensive business technology solutions to clients across a broad spectrum of industries, such as Dentistat, Green Diamond Resources, Rural Quality Coalition, San Francisco City CarShare, and Transamerica HomeFirst. Interactively consult with clients to establish technology needs, identify problems with existing architectures, and develop comprehensive business models for technology implementation. Create database-driven systems that enable improved data access and management. Develop industry landmark applications customized to suit the individual needs of clients, providing innovative new features.


Translate business requirements and stakeholder objectives into applicable business rules for systems architectures. Design web and user interfaces that streamline and simplify user access and functions. Leverage emerging technologies to enhance business processes and replace outdated systems. Provide comprehensive end-user training and technical support. Develop and lead coaching programs and user education workshops.


Business Development:

-          Combined disparate database interfaces / APIs successfully to develop a proprietary Futures Trading tracking application and database.

-          Provided an upgraded backbone for business operations by identifying new business requirements and converting 26,000 lines of user interface software in a Dentist Utilization Review Profiler application.

-          Successfully converted an entire existing business model, database, and software architecture to support a new business entity.

-          Ensured business consistency by standardizing 400 codes and texts, incorporating them into a system designed to automatically generate counseling letters.

-          Developed a working operational prototype for 75 relational database tables and user interface despite rapidly changing features and production deadline pressure of new business.


Process Enhancements:

-          Built and operated a cost-effective web and mail services solution with operational backup strategies, limited downtime and improved customer usability.

-          Improved database speed 10x by converting a database and key applications from IBM/Informix Standard Engine to IBM/Informix Online.

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-         Boosted data retrieval and analysis speeds for business users by redesigning software processes and reprogramming shell scripts operating on new large hard disk technologies.

-         Streamlined online member application processes and reduced vehicle reservation errors by designing web user interfaces tied to the operational databases.

-         Enabled discovery of new operating efficiencies by consolidating 19 disparate systems and 400 entities into a business object model.

-          Automated the reading and loading of resumes on floppy disks by creating a disk-reader interface.

-          Allowed improved functionality for an electronic resume matching service by creating a 4GL and SQL user interface application featuring the ability to edit, search, and manage over 50,000 resumes.


Applications & New Technology Development:

-          Created an industry landmark web and electronic-assisted car-sharing system based on disciplining business requirements into business object models, web, and electronic design specifications.

-          Modernized and upgraded a legacy website to new web-compliant formats.

-         Enabled seamless extraction, transformation, loading, and management of large data sets, incorporating a new encoding system, reprogramming tools, and verification procedures.

-          Developed modular handling of retrieval for practitioner reports by developing an interface, database loading tools, and reporting tools.

-          Designed a website and supporting database capable of managing multiple types of electric vehicle data requirements in compliance with business rules.


User Training and Leadership:

-          Supported organizational development by leading workshops to identify business object models for operations distributed across multiple states and business processes.

-          Facilitated cross-divisional understanding of business objects by coordinating and communicating with diverse team members from 5 departments.





Master of Planning, Systems Planning

University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering

University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana


Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts

University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana




Systems Analysis and Design Methodologies

Software Debugging and Testing Methods

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Database Design and Programming (SQL, 4GL)




C-, UNIX, Web Programming & Management, IBM / Informix 4GL, Mac OS / OSX, C++, Java, SQL, HTML,

CSS, Apache Web Server, JavaScript, DNS BIND, FTP, WebDAV, Sendmail, Postfix