Whole-System Consulting
Project Workshops and Facilitation
  Requirements Definition and Priority-Setting
Organizational Analysis
Database Design
System Design and Implementation
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Relational and Object Database Design
Web Site Definition, Development and Launch
Small Business Systems Support
System Administration
Backups and Security
Data Administration
Web Site Support
Vendor Selection
Project Lists
Systems Identification and Documentation
Systems Design and Development
Systems Implementation
Systems Operation and Administration
CarSharing WebSite/Database Example
Reservations Screen Shots
Membership Application Screen Shots
Client List
Resume: William L. Staudenheimer (html)
Resume: William L Staudenheimer (pdf)
Resume: William L Staudenheimer (chronology pdf)
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (pdf)
Productive Tools
IBM/Informix Data Management System
Apple Computer, Inc. : Macintosh
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Qilan MultiPlatform Web DataBase Development System
Helix Rapid Application Development Environment
Six Reasons for Software Project Failure